With so many incredible destinations around the world it can be hard to choose the perfect place to go on your next holiday. But it may not be the most important factor in trip-planning, as nearly two-thirds of travellers think the experience is more important than the destination. 

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Most travellers care more about the experience than the destination © SolStock

That’s according to new research from Lonely Planet, which surveyed more than 7500 members of its community of travellers around the world to find out what drives them when making choices about travel. In addition to seeking out experiences rather than specific destinations, the survey also found that 95% see travel as an ‘opportunity for positive change’ in their life and also for the places and communities they visit. In fact, 59% of respondents view travel as an opportunity for personal growth more than they used to, and that increases to seven in ten for those under the age of 35. 

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Top 10 travel goals

Another driving force for travellers is environmental considerations: about 68% say they now care more about sustainable travel than they used to, however just 35.2% say they’ve factored in environmental sustainability when trip-planning. However, there are a few main ways that people are doing so, such as not taking part in potentially harmful activities that involve animals, off-setting their carbon footprint, staying in eco-friendly accommodation and more.

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