As well as working in the fire and rescue service and serving in the British Army, Mark Wood has led polar and mountain expeditions through freezing cold territories. Now, the explorer is setting off on a new adventure – a 100-day journey to the Arctic to educate people on climate change, all while trying to set a new Guinness World Record.

Called SOLO 100, the project will see Mark Wood venturing alone and unaided across the remaining Arctic sea ice on Earth in order to get people talking about climate change. “Not everyone can see how we directly impact the planet; and what we don’t see, we tend to ignore. Earth is our only home and we must do everything we can to protect it. Our youth are demanding urgent action so that we can create a world that is fit for life. In this decade of action, we have the chance to listen and take action but we need everyone on this journey,” he told Lonely Planet.

south pole solo.jpg
A self portrait taken on the way to the south geographic pole in 2010 © Mark Wood

SOLO 100 will share inspirational tales,  and will see Mark in contact from the Arctic every single day and sharing a video message from different scouts with stories to tell and insights to share on climate change. Students in different locations will urge immediate action to help drive real change. The attempt will be part of a documentary called Beneath the Ice.

Mark will cover over 1850 kilometres of unstable sea ice, crossing the most hostile and unforgiving environment on the planet in average temperatures of minus 40, strong polar winds and with no human contact. There is also the added danger of polar bears, as well as the unpredictability of the constantly shifting sea ice.

In order to fund the journey, Mark is currently seeking £20,000 in crowdfunding, offering photo books and survival packs as prizes to backers.

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