Japan is truly rich in natural beauty, affording any traveller the opportunity to immerse themselves in restful, ancient lands with stunning views, hikes, forests and fields. One the country’s most famous draws is its mountains, and now, visitors can rent one for themselves. 

Called Rental Mountain YAMA, the unique offering is located in Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture, and was designed for people looking to get away from it all. Limited to one group per day, as well as having access to an entire mountain area, the booking comes with a rustic wooden cabin. There are two bedrooms and an open deck with views of the surrounding countryside that also has a bar counter.

Mountain Yama in Japan
The rustic cabin has a wood burning stove © Rental Mountain YAMA / KING TOURISM JAPAN

Guests can cook outdoors, soak in an open-air Japanese style hot tub or lay back in hammocks. The idea was developed by KING TOURISM JAPAN, a company that specializes in providing experiences that allow visitors to enjoy mountains, seas and rivers in Japan. “Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture has wonderful nature and playgrounds, but it has failed to make good use of them as tourism resources. We wanted to create a facility that would allow people to enjoy them to the fullest. We wanted guests to enjoy the mountains in luxury and the Japanese flora and fauna,” a representative of King Tourism Japan told Lonely Planet.

Hot tub Japan mountain
Guests can also soak in an outdoor Japanese-style hot tub © Rental Mountain YAMA / KING TOURISM JAPAN

According to the company Rental Mountain YAMA is the first facility in Kyushu where visitors can rent the whole mountain. More information is available at the official website.

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