People around the world have all been adjusting to new travel experiences that have gone through adjustments and changes due to COVID-19. In some cases, hotels, cafés and restaurants have limited the number of customers to ensure social distancing, while airports and airlines have stepped up their screening and sanitisation measures. Much of the talk has surrounded air travel, and what the on-board experience will actually be like. Now, Delta Airlines has announced that it will block the middle seat on flights to help adhere to social distancing.

Announced in a press statement recently, the airline said that it is extending its commitment to make more space for safer travel by continuing to block the selection of middle seats and capping seating in every cabin through 30 September 2020. “Reducing the overall number of customers on every aircraft across the fleet is one of the most important steps we can take to ensure a safe experience for our customers and people,” said Chief Customer Experience Officer Bill Lentsch. 

Seating in first class will be capped at 50%, while the main cabin, Delta Comfort+ and Delta Premium Select will all be capped at 60%. Middle seats will continue to be shown as unavailable or not assignable when selecting seats via the Fly Delta app or online, and the airline has said that it will continue to block the selection of some aisle seats in aircraft with two by two seating configurations.

Delta Airlines Plane
The airline has implemented a number of safety protocols at airports and on board craft © Delta Airlines

Delta also announced that it would be looking into ways to upsize to larger aircrafts or add more flying on routes where increasing customer demand is adding to passenger numbers. Customers and employees are required to wear face coverings throughout the journey, while plexiglass shields have been installed at check-in counters and gate counters around the world.

Flights will also be boarded from back to front to reduce instances of customers passing by one another to reach their seats, while on-board food and drinks services have been streamlined.

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