In Giovanni Boccaccio’s Medieval masterpiece 'The Decameron', ten young men and women retreat to a villa in the Tuscan countryside to escape the plague that’s happening in the city of Florence. And that’s where Airbnb took its inspiration to create its latest one-of-a-kind experience.

A picture of the villa's patio, with outdoor furniture and trees
Airbnb wants to create a "millennial Decameron," bringing the concept created in the 14th-century into the modern age © Airbnb

Airbnb’s Decameron is a new experience that will allow a group of ten people to win a free ten-day stay in La Selva, a massive 18th-century villa in the Tuscan countryside that features a pool and extensive grounds filled with oak and olive trees.

A shot of the outside of the villa
The villa is surrounded by an 18-acre park that guests will be able to roam and enjoy © Airbnb

The villa has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms – so guests can enjoy their stay while also taking all the health and safety precautions necessary.

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In 'The Decameron', the ten young protagonists tell one story each every day to pass the time – and in an effort to recreate that, Airbnb’s guests will have online experiences to keep them entertained, going from yoga sessions to private concerts, drag shows and culinary classes from all corners of the world.

A picture of the villa's living room
A maximum of ten friends can stay in the villa, and enjoy ample spaces to unplug and recharge in each other's company © Airbnb

It’s really a chance to “unplug from everything”, as Airbnb describes it, and spend some time together with friends after having been apart during the lockdown.

A picture of the villa's pool
When writing their story for their application, aspiring guests should focus on content and style and originality since that's what Airbnb will be looking for © Airbnb

To enter, participants must write a 300 words story about their group’s friendship and what it would mean for them all to live this Decameron-inspired experience. Applications will be received until July 15 and the winner will be notified by July 31, since the actual stay is going to happen towards the end of August. You can find all information and links on the experience’s official page here. The competition is only open to residents of Italy, but the villa is on Airbnb so you can add it to your wishlist for the next time you're planning an Italian getaway. 

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