As US airlines reveal consequences for passengers who won't wear face masks on flights as a precaution against COVID-19, Alaska Airlines is using the soccer-related warning system of issuing a yellow card to offenders. The carrier's flight attendants are now able to issue a final notice to any guest who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask or face covering.

The Yellow Card given by Alaska to passengers who won't wear masks
A warning in the form of a yellow card will be handed to offenders © Alaska

With that warning – in the form of a yellow card handed to them – the passenger's travel will be reviewed in a final report, and they could ultimately be suspended for a period for traveling on Alaska. It should be noted that exceptions will be made for children under two, anyone with a medical issue that creates trouble breathing or a disability that prevents wearing a mask, and those who cannot remove a mask without assistance.

Masks will be available upon request for those who might forget their own, and passengers are permitted to temporarily adjust their masks to eat and drink while in their seats. The carrier's mask enforcement policy begins at check-in when passengers are asked to sign off on a required health agreement to acknowledge and attest to their willingness to adhere to the mask policy.

An Alaska plane in flight
Alaska Airlines is using the soccer-related warning system © Alaska

"Overwhelmingly, those who fly with us understand and appreciate the importance of wearing masks and face coverings during this time of COVID-19," the airline says on its blog. "We also rely heavily on our guests to do the right thing for the greater good of everyone onboard our flights. Our flight crews encounter moments when some travelers disregard or disobey our mask requirement. It creates tension and anxiety for many of our passengers who do have their face coverings on. So, a change is needed."

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