Taung Taw Win Kyun (South Twin Island)/Myauk Taw Win Kyun (North Twin Island)

Myeik Archipelago

Home to at least three good dive sites including Pinnacle, north of Myauk Taw Win Kyun, a known manta ray gathering site during February/March. Taung Taw Win Kyun has clear blue water and fan coral.

Nearby Myeik Archipelago attractions

1. Jar Lann (Lord Loughborough Island)

15.65 MILES

This island is home to one of the largest villages in the Myeik Archipelago, with a mixed population of Bamar and Moken people. It also has one of the…

2. Kyun Philar (Great Swinton Island)

21.48 MILES

Home to the upmarket Awei Pila Resort and a small mixed Burmese and Moken village. There's decent snorkelling and the surrounding islands offer good…

3. Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Kyun

22.1 MILES

There's a superb horseshoe-shaped bay at the south of this island, which is where you'll find the Boulder Bay Eco Resort, and a couple of fine beaches.

4. Kho Yinn Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island)

29.12 MILES

This horseshoe-shaped island 40 nautical miles from Kawthoung is home to Myanmar Andaman Resort. There are at least 20 known dive sites around the island,…