Nyaung Wee Kyun

Myeik Archipelago

A seasonal home for the Moken, this island has beaches, clear water and wildlife, making it a popular stopover for boat tours. Nearby 115 Island sees a lot of tour groups, too, and has fine beaches and snorkelling.

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Nearby Myeik Archipelago attractions

1. Bo Cho Kyun (Eyles Island)

11.57 MILES

This island is a spiritual home of the Moken, who call it Pu Nala. The island is designated as a Moken resettlement zone, and there is a permanent Moken…

2. Kyun Philar (Great Swinton Island)

15.93 MILES

Home to the upmarket Awei Pila Resort and a small mixed Burmese and Moken village. There's decent snorkelling and the surrounding islands offer good…

3. Jar Lann (Lord Loughborough Island)

20.91 MILES

This island is home to one of the largest villages in the Myeik Archipelago, with a mixed population of Bamar and Moken people. It also has one of the…

4. Lampi Kyun (Sullivan's Island)

28.66 MILES

Home to Lampi Island Marine National Park, the only marine park in Myanmar, and thought to be one of the least-disturbed island habitats in Southeast Asia…

5. Kho Yinn Khwa Kyun (Macleod Island)

28.92 MILES

This horseshoe-shaped island 40 nautical miles from Kawthoung is home to Myanmar Andaman Resort. There are at least 20 known dive sites around the island,…