Southern Mozambique

This tiny museum near the unmissable new mosque is well worth a stop. Its displays include collections of traditional musical instruments, clothing and household items from the surrounding area, with some captions in English.

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Nearby Southern Mozambique attractions

1. New Mosque


The new mosque is at the northeasternmost end of the waterfront road and is an easy walk from the ferry jetty.

2. Old Mosque

0.12 MILES

Along the northern end of the waterfront road is Inhambane's attractive 'Old Mosque', dating to 1840.

4. New Cathedral

0.21 MILES

The attractive new cathedral – named Nossa Senhora de Conceição, just like its predecessor next door – rises up just north of the jetty. Its distinctive…

6. Market

0.38 MILES

Inhambane’s colourful market is at its best in the early morning.