Cabeça do Velho


Located 4km northeast of the town centre, this diminutive, craggy hill rises precipitously out of the surrounding flatness looking not unlike the head of an old man lying prostrate amid the savannah – hence the name. It's a short but rocky climb to the highest point (his 'nose'), where the views are lovely at sunset.

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Nearby Mozambique attractions

1. Mosque

1.73 MILES

As in many Mozambican cities, the imposing green and white mosque is more resplendent than the local church.

2. Church

1.97 MILES

The unusually shaped church acts as a important landmark in Chimoio's neat central grid.

3. Feria Popular

2.29 MILES

The Feria Popular is a collection of stalls, restaurants and small businesses located in a walled complex on the EN6, the main bypass road in Chimoio.