Brezojevica Monastery

Northern Montenegro

Three kilometres north of Plav, Brezojevica Monastery is a study in rural tranquillity. Meadows of yellow and purple flowers line the riverbank broken by the occasional abandoned stone building.

A stone gate, topped by a shiny golden Orthodox cross, leads from the highway. Inside the Holy Trinity Church (Crkva Sv Trojice) are the faded remains of original frescoes, although the only subject that’s easy to discern is the Dormition of the Mother of God over the door.

The present structure of Holy Trinity Church was built in the 16th century on 13th-century foundations, but was damaged during WWII and left to decay, used only by the local Orthodox community for funerals. It’s a testimony to the religious revival of recent years that the monastery is (very slowly) being restored.

Ask at the Plav Tourist Organisation if someone can let you in, or try your luck at the monastery; there's often someone about.