Castle of Duke Lazar Sočica

Northern Montenegro

'Castle' may be pushing it, but this beautifully restored 19th-century stone complex certainly commands awesome views from its vantage point overlooking the small village of Goransko. Plans are underway to officially open the castle as a museum; for now it's a lovely, quiet spot to wander around and peek in the windows.

Goransko is a short uphill drive from Plužine, heading south. Turn left off the main road at the brown sign advertising the castle, and keep going up.

The Piva-born Duke Lazar Sočica is still regarded as a hero by locals – many of whom are his descendants – for his ferocity and heroism in battles against the occupying Turks. His speed in warfare earned him the nickname 'Munjić' (lightning).

If you get lost heading here, ask any of the goat-herding locals for directions.