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NAADAM- East Mongolia-1week

ItineraryDay 1: Ulaanbaatar- Baldan Berveen KhiidStop At: Baldan Bereeven Monasterygoing to east of Mongolia, where Chinggis Khaan was born. Baldan Bereeven khiid is an old Monastery, which were before a Monastery for buddhist Nons.On the way we will visit a lake, which we called Khar zurkhnii Khuh Nuur. Blue Lake is a very important place in Mongolian history particularly of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan). In this place Temuujin was enthroned as a king of united tribes of Mongolia and titled as “Genghis khan” which means Oceanic great king in 1189. Duration: 6 hoursMeals included: • DinnerAccommodation included: overnight in tentDay 2: Batshireet- Stop At: Khentii Art GalleryBatshireet is a small town in North eastern part of Mongolia, surrounded by many rivers and lakes. This place is an ideal for fishing. Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Overnight tentDay 3: NaadamStop At: Khentii Art Gallery1. day of NaadamDuration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Onon yol Tourist campDay 4: Naadam 2 dayStop At: Khentii Art Gallery2. day of NaadamHorse racingarcheryDuration: 4 hoursMeals included: • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Onon Yol tourist campDay 5: “Rashaant had” rock carving through “Uglugchiin herem” ancient Qidan townStop At: Khentii Art GalleryMany guests is thinking, Gobi, Central, or Khuwsgul is the best destination in Mongolia. But they forget East side of Mongolia. East Mongolia has many beautiful places, you will be just amazed. Here you can see the more authentic Mongolia, because of less Tourists. Also becaue of the many rivers and lakes, this place has more green and has lot of flowers like edelewises. So it's definitly granted this region of Mongolia has its charm. Duration: 5 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: TentingDay 6: Khangal lakeStop At: Kangal Real EstateYou are able to ride a horse, local guide will be your assistant for how to ride a horse.Duration: 6 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: home stay Day 7: back to Ulaanbaatar- TereljStop At: Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, UlaanbaatarTerelj is considered one of the most scenic areas in all of Mongolia and is a short drive outside of the capital. It's a rather mountainous area with a beautiful river, forests and some interestingly shaped rocks. The beautiful, mostly unspoiled natural area is a popular place to go for a picnic.Duration: 6 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchNo accommodation included on this day.

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