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Laguna Bacalar

Laguna Bacalar, the peninsula's largest lagoon, comes as a surprise in this region of scrubby jungle. More than 60km long with a bottom of sparkling white sand, this crystal-clear lake offers opportunities for camping, swimming, kayaking and simply lazing around, amid a color palette of blues, greens and shimmering whites that seems more out of Photoshop than anything real life could hold.

Some would say this area is the 'new' Tulum. Small and sleepy, yet with enough tourism to have things to do and places to eat, the lakeside town of Bacalar lies east of the highway, 115km south of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. It’s noted mostly for its old Spanish fortress and popular balnearios (swimming grounds). There’s not much else going on, but that’s why people like it. Around the town plaza, you'll find ATMs, a money exchange office, a small grocery store, a taxi stand and a tourist information office.

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