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There’s a stark-naked dude with dreadlocks meditating on the beach, a bobbing crowd of surfers bravely fighting aggressive waves, a couple of aging hippies looking (apart from their cell phones) like they’ve just arrived in a time machine from 1975, and a local artisan shop doing a roaring trade in Frida Kahlo bags. Welcome to Zipolite, a chilled-out strip of palapas, beach shacks and intentionally rustic boutique hotels that hasn’t yet been discovered by big resort developers or people who play golf.

The largest of the three beach towns that decorate the coast west of Puerto Ángel, Zipolite is known for its surfing, clothing-optional beach and unashamed ‘do nothing’ vibe. Plenty of expats have discovered its tranquil charms and opened small businesses (most notably Italians), but the place still retains a touch of erstwhile bohemian magic. Long may it continue.

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