Río Santo Domingo


The Río Santo Domingo is a beautiful, turquoise mess of cascades and rapids accessed from the community lodging at Las Nubes and Ecoturismo Xbulanjá. Some of the river pools are great swimming spots; it’s M$25 per person to swim here if you’re not staying the night. A swinging bridge straddles a fierce section of water-carved canyon, making an excellent vantage point from which to swoon over the grandest waterfalls. You can walk to miradores, head out in a kayak, and spelunk and rappel from February through June.

There are some enjoyable walking opportunities along the riverbank and into the forest. The most popular short walk is the 15-minute amble up to a mirador where you will be rewarded with blue-green jungle views. The bird watching all around here is great. Activities are paid for through Las Nubes.

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