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Not long ago, Troncones was a poor, sleepy fishing and farming village. These days, expat homes and B&Bs have left the long beachfront road resembling more a California subdivision than the traditional Mexican villages at either end. The attraction is obvious: fabulous beaches, a laid-back atmosphere and world-class surfing. Troncones is a marvelous place to kick back for several days.

The village is located about 25km northwest of Ixtapa, at the end of a 4km paved road from Hwy 200. The road ends at a T-intersection, from where the beachfront road continues 4.5km northwest to neighboring Majahua via Troncones Point and Manzanillo Bay. The majority of hotels and restaurants are along this road.

Majahua is a traditional fishing village with a few enramadas (thatch-covered, open-air restaurants) and a mellow beach layered with fine shells. From here, a dirt road (rough in the wet season) leads back out to Hwy 200.

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