Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

Huápoca has trails to a triple set of cliff dwellings that the Mogollón inhabited from about 1200 to 1450. You get only distant overlooks of the first two, Cueva del Nido del Águila (Eagle’s Nest Cave) and Cueva Mirador (Lookout Cave), but you can enter houses in the Cueva de la Serpiente (Cave of the Serpent), where the restored adobe dwellings cut through to both sides of the cliff. It’s down a steep, narrow canyon, and though there are steps, it’s not an easy walk.

It’s a 2.5km round-trip to see them all.

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1. Cueva Grande

1.53 MILES

Heading on the main road past the Huápoca ruins, turn right at the sign for Cueva Grande, where three ancient Mogollón buildings sit dramatically behind a…