Building 155

McMurdo Station

Building 155 is McMurdo’s indoor Main St, and the long central corridor is known as Hwy 1. Along it are the dining facility (still known as the Galley from navy days), personnel offices, the recreation department, the barbershop, housing offices, personnel berthing and the main public computer lab. Bulletin boards advertise all kinds of activities.

The Station Store, along Hwy 1, sells postcards, T-shirts and other souvenirs, and accepts credit cards and US dollars. Liquor and cigarette prices are reasonable, at least compared to those aboard your ship, but clerks won’t sell these items to you, because that would deplete station stock. USAP doesn’t carry tourist mail, so you can’t send postcards from McMurdo. Also, tourists are not allowed to use the station’s two ATMs or its payphones.