Tanjung Datu National Park


Occupying a remote, rugged peninsula at Sarawak’s far northwestern tip, this compact 14-sq-km national park features endangered mixed dipterocarp rainforest, jungle trails that hear few footfalls, crystal-clear seas, unspoilt coral reefs and near-pristine white-sand beaches on which endangered turtles occasionally lay their eggs. Few visitors make the effort and brave the expense to travel out here, but those who do often come away enchanted. Simple accommodation is available in the park and there are homestays in Teluk Melano.

A new road linked Sematan with the village of Teluk Melano, near the park, in 2018, but for the foreseeable future the park will remain one of Sarawak's more off-the-radar destinations. Because of the costs of independent transport, including pricey boat hire, Tanjung Datu is best visited on a trip with Kuching-based travel agencies, including Borneo Adventure and Borneo Experiences.

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