Kapit Museum


Housed in the civic centre (Dewan Suarah), the somewhat tired exhibits here include a relief map of area longhouses; displays on Orang Ulu groups, the Iban and the Chinese, and on their traditional crafts; badly stuffed jungle creatures; and an aerial photo of Kapit taken in 1977 (in the last room).

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1. Fort Sylvia

0.12 MILES

Built by Charles Brooke in 1880 to take control of the Upper Rejang, this wooden fort – built of belian (ironwood) – was renamed in 1925 to honour Ranee…

2. Waterfront

0.19 MILES

Kapit’s waterfront is lined with ferries, barges, longboats and floating docks, all swarming with people. Porters carry impossibly heavy or unwieldy loads…

3. Pasar Teresang

0.24 MILES

Some of the goods unloaded at the waterfront end up in this colourful covered market. It’s a chatty, noisy hive of grassroots commerce, with a galaxy of…

4. Chinese Temple

0.29 MILES

Built in 1889, the Hock Leong Tieng temple is one of the oldest buildings in Kapit.

5. Church of Mary Immaculate Conception


Completed in 2002, this Catholic church sits on a hilltop overlooking Kapit. The building has a three-tiered roof and is supported by 12 pillars…