Pa’ Umor

Historic Site in Kelabit Highlands

From Bario it’s a 1½-hour walk to Pa’ Umor, and another 15 minutes to Arur Bilit Farm, home to Batu Narit, an impressive stone carving featuring a human in a spread-eagled position among its designs.

Take the log bridge across the small river to reach Batu Ipak. According to legend, this stone formation was created when an angry warrior named Upai Semering pulled out his parang (machete) and took a wrathful swing at the rock, cutting it in two.

This circuit should take four or five hours – maybe a tad longer if your guide is a good storyteller. Around Pa' Umor there's a network of hiking trails linking three homestays. Contact Rian John Pasan to establish trekking itineraries.