Zomba's main mosque is close to the market.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Malawi attractions

1. Old Parliament Buildings

0.91 MILES

Dating to Zomba's years as the national capital, this faded yellow complex off Livingstone Rd, behind the more modern court building, now serves as court…

2. Model Hut

1.82 MILES

Get your bearings at this 3D map of the plateau and the Potato Path.

4. Mandala Falls

2.05 MILES

Just off the main tarred road up to the plateau are the Mandala Falls. A nature trail with picnic spots runs past the neighbouring Mulunguzi Dam to the…

5. Queen's View


For really impressive views, head for Queen’s View on the eastern side of the plateau. It's named after Queen Elizabeth, wife of King George VI (and…

6. Emperor's View


Emperor’s View is named after Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, who visited in 1964. It gazes down on Zomba town and out towards Mulanje.

7. Williams Falls

3.09 MILES

From the southern side of the plateau you can hike through some beautiful indigenous forest and past a trout farm to this impressive cascade.