Mahavy-Kinkony Wetland Complex

Western Madagascar

The Mahavy-Kinkony Wetland Complex incorporates a diverse and fragile ecosystem consisting of marine bays, river, delta and 22 lakes, including Madagascar’s second-largest, Lac Kinkony. The reserve is also home to dry deciduous and gallery forest, savannah, marshland, mangrove, caves and lots of wildlife. It gained temporary protection status in 2007.

The primary reason to come to Lac Kinkony, however, is the 143 species of birds. And it's the only place where all of western Madagascar’s waterfowl species can be seen.

Getting to Lac Kinkony is virtually impossible under your own steam and there is no tourism infrastructure. Travel agencies in Majunga organise all-inclusive camping trips, but you’ll need at least three days (the roads are very rough) and a minimum of Ar600,000 for the 4WD, fuel and guide (for two to four people).

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