Karosta Prison

Historic Building in Liepāja

Image by Danita Delimont Getty Images

Gluttons for punishment will get a bellyful in this creepy old prison, which operated right up until 1997. Built in 1900 as an infirmary, it was quickly turned into a military prison, even before the building was completed. Tours depart on the hour, detailing the history of the prison, which was used to punish disobedient soldiers. A range of more extreme 'experiences' is also on offer for groups of 10 or more (bookings essential).

If you’re craving some serious punishment, or just want to brag that you’ve spent the night in a Soviet jail, sign up to become a prisoner for the night (per person €17). You’ll be subjected to regular bed checks, verbal abuse by guards in period garb and forced to relieve yourself in the world’s most disgusting latrine (seriously). Try booking the night in cell 26 – solitary confinement – you won’t be bothered, but the pitch-blackness will undoubtedly drive you off the edge.

For those wanting a pinch of masochism without having to spend the night, there are one-hour ‘reality shows’ (adult/child €6/4.50). There are also tours to the once-off-limits northern forts, where you can take part in the Escape From The USSR spy game.