Brain teasers: the answers

Get stuck on any of our tricky brain teasers? Don’t worry – here are the answers! Get ready to kick yourself…

  1. Because if he’s living, he can’t be dead!
  2. He fills up the 3-litre bucket and tips it into the 5-litre bucket. He fills up the 3-litre bucket again and fills up the 5-litre bucket (by adding another 2 litres). What’s left in the 3-litre bucket must be 1 litre
  3. Your shadow
  4. A needle
  5. A teapot
  6. An umbrella
  7. A tape measure
  8. A pair of glasses
  9. An armchair
  10. A hole
  11. A lettuce
  12. A bank
  13. Tuesday, Thursday, today and tomorrow
  14. A butterfly has six legs. Calling its antennae legs doesn’t make them legs.
  15. The match
  16. Four: one green, one pink, one orange and one blue.
  17. Your name
  18. A hole
  19. Silence
  20. Wouldn’t you prefer the snake to bit the tiger rather than you?
  21. None. Cockerels do not lay eggs
  22. The horse was called Tuesday
  23. An egg
  24. He only slept at night
  25. They both weigh the same
  26. They were grandfather, father and son
  27. You took three, so you have three
  28. He fell off the bottom step
  29. Mt Everest
  30. A sponge
  31. A breath
  32. T, S (they are the first letters of the next words in the question)
  33. Six
  34. The soldier in uniform is the boy’s mother
  35. A fire
  36. A palm tree
  37. A cold

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