Thimlich Ohinga Archaeological Site

Lake Victoria

South of Ruma National Park, this is one of East Africa’s most important archaeological sites. It holds the remains of a dry-stone enclosure, 150m in diameter and containing another five smaller enclosures, thought to date back as far as the 15th century. Its name translates in Luo as 'frightening dense forest'.

Getting to Thimlich is a problem without your own transport, though not completely impossible (with patience). Head 12km down the Homa Bay–Rongo road then turn right at Rod Kopany village, heading southwest through Mirogi to the village of Miranga. The site is signposted from there.

If you don't have wheels, take a matatu from Kisii towards Isebania on the Tanzania border and hop out at Suna. Take another matatu from here towards Karunga and ask to be let out at the junction for Thimlich Ohinga or Miranga (you might find a matatu going directly from Suna to here). From the junction, hunt about for any kind of transport to the entrance of Thimlich Ohinga.

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