Yaeyama Islands

Literally 'Standing-God Rock' (although another name might come to mind), this offshore obelisk can be viewed from several spots on the bluffs above.

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1. Sanninu-dai

0.31 MILES

The raised platform that overlooks Gunkan-iwa also offers views of the jagged coastline of Sanninu-dai.

2. Gunkan-iwa

0.33 MILES

Aptly named, this striking offshore fin does bring to mind an imposing ship.

3. Agarizaki

1.19 MILES

At the eastern tip of the island, wild Yonaguni horses graze in the pastures leading out to the lighthouse at Agarizaki.

4. Higawa-hama

2.94 MILES

On the south coast of the island is the pleasant little village of Higawa, which has a wide, sandy crescent of beach. The water here is clear and shallow,…

5. Irizaki

5.96 MILES

Just as Hateruma-jima has a monument to mark Japan's southernmost point, Yonaguni-jima has one to mark the country's westernmost point (日本最西端の碑), here at…