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Kunisaki Peninsula 2 Days Tour: into a world of religion and history

What is Kunisaki peninsula?Kunisaki Peninsula is an isolated mountainous region deep in rural Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands. It is known as sacred place where ascetic Buddhist monks trained to attain spiritual enlightenment.The landscape shaped by volcanoes, such as Futago-san Mountain located in the centre of the peninsula , the area is rich in natural resources such as andesite and tuff.As a result, you will find Fudo Myo-o carved in cliffs and rocks in river and also stone statues of Nio around the area. It is said that 80% of stone statues of Nio is found in Kunisaki Peninsula. Apart from status of Nio, thanks to unique local religious culture, you will also find various Buddhism statues in many different expressions, in anger, modesty, humorous and so on.Itinerary [Day 1] 8:32am Depart from Hakata station move to Usa station by bullet train and express. - Meet the guide at Usa station. Ticket will be handed in advance.Please be careful not to miss the specified train. Usa Jingu (60mins) - It is known as the birthplace of syncretization of Shinto and Buddhism. Shittoui experience (40mins) - Shittoui is the rush known as the material for Tatami mat. -Experience the production of rush products.  Lunch time (60mins) - Lunch is not included. Futago temple (70mins) - See the famous stone statue of Nio - See the GOMADAKI(a buddism fire celemony with burning wood sticks) Gotsuji-fudoson (70mins) - Superb view from the summit of Mt.Fudo. Shojoko-temple ( 30mins) - The temple with Torii Matama coast and Kaimon hot spring ( 60mins) - Panoramic sunset view from the coast. - Enjoy reserved private hot spring. Stay at the inn Yugennoyado (1night) - Dinner and breakfast is included. [Day 2] Farm work experience (30mins) Fuki-Temple (40mins) - Zen meditation at the temple. Onie history museum and Kawanaka-Fudo,Tennen-temple ( 60mins) - Watching the movie about the traditional festival. Lunch time (60mins) - Lunch is not included. Asahi-kannon and Yuuhi-kannon (10mins) - Look down the panoramic landscape of Tashibuno-sho (UNESCO Future heritage) Maki-oodo and Kumano-magaibutsu (80mins) - Visit the historically valuable Buddha statues. 4:49pm Back to Hakata station - Tour ends at the Usa station. - Move to Hakata on your own.

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