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$37.12 Outdoor Activities

Mt Vesuvius Half-Day Tour from Sorrento

Visit the only active Volcano on mainland Europe that dominates the Bay of Naples.Drive up through the old original crater to approx. 3000 ft, and then make the final climb on foot up a zig zag path of volcanic gravel.Our transport and local expert will take you up to 1.000 metres.From there you can walk to the very top and admire the splendid panoramic views – weather conditions permitting – across the bay.Once at the top you can walk a half of the way around the crater to take a look inside and to admire the whole bay. Approx. 20min uphill climb and 30min downhill climb.On your return to Sorrento a stop will be made at Vico Equense to visit the mineralogical museum where you can see approx. 230 varieties of Vesuvian Minerals as well as thousands of other examples from around the world.

$37.07 Tours & Sightseeing

Mount Vesuvius Half-day Coach Tour from Sorrento

Meet your awaiting guide and coach in central Sorrento to begin the trip along the Sorrentine Peninsula toward Mt. Vesuvius.After a journey of about 45 minutes along the motorway, you reach the Torre del Greco and start the ascent of MT. Vesuvius. This volcano is particularly interesting for its history and the frequency of its eruptions. It is part of the Somma - Vesuvius mountain system, 1281 meters high. It is located slightly inside the gulf coast of Naples.Vesuvius is a sight of unusual beauty in the landscape of the gulf, especially when viewed from the sea with the city skyline. Since the 1944 eruption, Vesuvius is considered dormant. This period of rest is atypical, and the eruptive activity appears severely delayed. For some reason, still mysterious, the duct, virtually always open since 1631, must have been blocked in depth, or should have emptied its 'pockets' of magma that fed the cyclic activity, so the volcano is apparently inert as it was before 1631.On clear days the most famous volcano in Europe offers spectacular and striking views, leaving the eye to wander over to the sea, the islands, and the archaeological excavations of the cities buried by the eruption of 79 AD. A few years earlier, in 62 AD, there was a terrible earthquake, a premonition of the far worse catastrophe that struck the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and other towns in Campania.Since dawn of that day in 79 AD, on Mt. Vesuvius appeared a large cloud. At ten o'clock in the morning the gases that were pressing inside exploded together with the solid lava that blocked the volcano crater, reducing it in to ash and liquid lava. The ash was so thick that it blocked out the sun. Since that terrible day some cities remained buried for centuries under a blanket of over 6 meters of ash and lava.With the coach, you will reach a height of 1000 meters. Then continue walking along a path and reaching the peak of the volcano for an impressive view of the crater visited with a specialized mountain guide.The trip is complemented by a visit to the Mineralogical Museum in Vico Equense, (to be carried out on the outward or return journey). The museum is one of the largest science museums in the Campania region for the number, variety and rarity of its minerals. It boasts a collection obtained during the course of more than fifty years of research by the engineer Pasquale Discepolo. There are over 3500 minerals of 1400 different species from around the world. Italian and foreign scholars have enriched the collection with their many donations.Return to Sorrento in the early afternoon.