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The town's name is unmistakably Slovenian in origin and before the outbreak of WWI it was not uncommon to hear conversations in several different languages – German, Slovenian, Friulian, Italian, Venetian and Yiddish – in the main square.

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Prosecco Wine Tour in Valdobbiadene from Venice

The first known mention of the name "Prosecco" is attributed to the Englishman Fynes Moryson, who, visiting the north of Italy in 1593, notes: "Histria is divided into Forum Julii, and Histria properly so called. Here grows the wine Pucinum, now called Prosecho". He places Prosecco among the famous wines of Italy: "These are the most famous Wines of Italy. La lagrima di Christo and like wines neere Cinqueterre in Liguria: La vernazza, and the white Muskadine, especially that of Montefiaschoni inTuscany: Cecubum and Falernum in the Kingdom of Naples, and Prosecho in Histria".The method of vinification, the true distinguishing feature of the original Prosecco, spread first in Gorizia, then – through Venice – in Dalmatia, Vicenza and Treviso. In 1754, the word "Prosecco" appears for the first time in the book Il roccolo Ditirambo, written by Aureliano Acanti: 'And now I would like to wet my mouth with that Prosecco with its apple bouquet'.Prosecco is a mix of taste, history, traditions and legends, which you'll have the chance to explore during this special wine tasting tour. You'll not only taste the wine and its different varieties, but you'll be guided through the cellar and visit the vineyards, discovering the secrets and techniques that lead to the production of one of the best wines in the world.

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Soča Fun park, Exhilarating adventure.

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productSoča fun park is situated next to the river Soča on the border of Slovenia and Italy (towns Nova Gorica and Gorizia) with good transport conections, both road, rail and aviation. Distance from the airports Trieste is 30 km, Treviso 110 km, Venice 130 km, Ljubljana 125 km. I would also like to inform you that my place is at the crossroads between the two Lonely Planets top 10 destinations (the Soča valley and the Vipava valley) and only 11 km away from the wine-acclaimed destination Goriška Brda / Colio which winegrowers rank among the top 100 winemakers in the world. Duration: 3 hoursLocation: Soca Fun Park, Solkan, Nova Gorica, Styria Region

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ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Sabotin Park Miru, Kojsko, Slovenian Littoral RegionIn the morning we will gather in Solkan, in front of the Kayak Centre Solkan, where you will be welcomed by experienced and qualified adventure park instructors. While enjoying morning coffee and a croissant in the nerest bar, the instructors will present you the program. After the welcome you will board the raft and cross the emerald Soča river. On the right bank of the river you will enter the Soča Fun Park and under the auspices of instructors you will face a two-hour adventure among the treetops. Obstacles in the adventure park will be overcome at a height of 2 to 10 m above the ground. In the end, you will try the "descent of courage" – return to the left bank along a 40 m height and 300 m long zip-line.After the adventure you will leave Solkan and head towards mountin Sabotin, crossing the famous Solkan bridge. The final destination of the route is an old military watchtower on mountin Sabotin, where you will have lunch. After lunch Mr. Bogdan, manager of the guardhouse, will first show you the museum collection Sabotin in the World War I and the memorial room Northern Primorska in the War for Independence in 1991. He will tell you many stories that will take you on a journey along the Isonzo Front, since Sabotin is known especially for the fact that Isonzo Front ran over its slopes. Thanks to its location (near Gorizia) it was an important defensive point of the Austro-Hungarian Army. After the 6th Isonzo battle Sabotin was taken over by the Italian Army. Soldiers from 22 different nations fought on its slopes. Today it is turned into a peace park, with the aim to remind visitors about the absurdity of wars and encourage the harmony among nations. The entire hill is intertwined with an extensive system of caverns through which we will walk from one side of the hill to the other. After visiting the caverns and hearing stories that wrote our history, we will return home. Duration: 3 hours