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Named after the biblical tribe of Dan – which is said to have resided in this coastal region – it comprises the greater Tel Aviv area and a web of suburbs and municipalities. The more affluent suburbs, such as Herzliya, are mainly to the north of Tel Aviv and not-so-affluent suburbs, such as Ramla, are to the south, though Rishon LeZion is an exception. Home to more than 40% of modern Israel's population, Gush Dan is at the core of modern Israeli life.

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$99 Day Trips & Excursions

Jerusalem Old New Cities Tour from Tel Aviv Herzliya Netanya

Start your tour with a panoramic view of Jerusalem city from Mount of Olives. Next stop will be at Mount Zion to see the legendary King's David tomb, the room of last supper and Dormition abbey. During the tour in Jerusalem Old City you will start your visit from Jewish quarter. You will have the opportunity to see the Wailing Wall, Cardo, the Roman road. Second and the most important part of our tour in Jerusalem Old city will be in Armenian Christian Quarter. Walk along the Via Dolorosa, visit the Church of Holy Sepulcher.In the second part of tour day continue your way to Jerusalem New City. You will visit Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust. On Saturdays and Jewish holidays, instead of Yad Vashem, we visit Yemin Moshe, the first neighborhood built outside the city walls; Stroll through Mishkenot Sha'ananim and view the Montefiore windmill.In the Old City of Jerusalem the following will be visited: Christian Quarter / Armenian Quarter, Church of the Nativity, Via Dolorosa, Pool of Bethesda, Gehenna, The Church of All Nations, The Kidron Valley Tombs, Pater Noster Church, Monastery of the Cross, Monastery of, St. Mary Magdalene, Mount of Olives, Church of the Redeemer, Church of the Nativity, Jewish Quarter, Cardo street, Valley of Kidron,The Temple Mount, City of David, Room of the Last Supper. Tomb of King David, Western Wall Tunnels, Second Temple, Siloam Pool, The Praetorium, Muslim Quarter, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Ascension, Dome of the Rock, New Jerusalem city, Yad Vashem, Holocaust Museum or Knesset.

$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Caesarea, Haifa, Rosh Hanikra, and Acre Tour with UNESCO Sites

Get picked up in the morning from your hotel in Herzliya, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, or Jerusalem by a guide in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and head first for Caesarea along the coastal highway.Caesarea is a city where the past and the future come together. While new Caesarea is graced with magnificent modern homes, ancient Caesarea offers tourists the ruins of unique, impressive buildings. A tour of the national park is like walking through a story, and wandering between the ancient buildings one can both sense how people lived here thousands of years ago and enjoy modern, contemporary experiences, such as the enthralling musical performances held in the beautiful Roman theater.Proceed to Haifa, the pearl of this tour. The third-largest city in Israel and one of its prettiest, Haifa has a lot to offer visitors. It has Israel’s largest port, a particularly active beach, and is the home of the World Center of the Baha'i Faith. The Baha'i originated in the Bab sect which separated from Iran’s Shi’ite Islam in 1844. The Baha'i World Center, an expansive and well-designed complex on the slope of the Carmel, is famous for its magnificent gardens. It includes the exquisitely-landscaped 'Hanging Gardens' which run about a kilometer along the Louis Promenade until Ha-Gefen Street. At the center is the impressive, gold-domed Shrine of the Bab, the burial place of the Bab, the founder of the faith. One can enjoy some enchanting spots while strolling through the beautiful gardens by day, but with the special lighting, an evening visit provides equal pleasure and a peaceful, romantic atmosphere.Finally, visit Acre, known also as Akko. Acre’s walls, fortresses, castles, churches, mosques, synagogues, and other structures tell the story of the many rulers that governed, fought for, built, and adorned the city. Visiting Acre is an emotional journey to a glorious past and a one-of-a-kind experience. It can be an exciting visit to an ancient city with a young soul – a city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.Continue to Rosh Hanikra. As you walk through the artificial tunnels and view caverns carved out by the pounding waves of the Mediterranean, you’ll enjoy the myriad shades of the water and the dramatic play of light and shadow it casts. The strange sounds the waves make as they rush in and out of the caves make it easy to believe the old legend that a pair of star-crossed lovers used to meet here, and the voice of the would-be bride can still be heard.At the conclusion of the Akko visit, you'll be returned to your original pickup point.

$80 Tours & Sightseeing

Jerusalem Daily Half Day Tour from Herzliya

Get picked up at your hotel in Herzliya at 7:00 am to begin the drive to Jerusalem with your guide.Begin your visit to Jerusalem with a panoramic view of the city from the Mount of Olives. Stop next at Mount Zion to see the legendary King David's tomb, the room where the Last Supper took place, and Dormition Abbey.Start your tour of Jerusalem Old City in the Jewish Quarter, where you'll see the Wailing Wall, Cardo, and the Roman road. The second and most important part of our tour in Jerusalem Old City is in the Armenian Christina quarter. Walk along the Via Dolorosa and visit the Church of Holy Sepulchre.The tour ends at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.This tour is available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, German and French).

$140 Day Trips & Excursions

Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour from Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and More

Get picked up from your hotel in Herzliya, Netanya, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, or even within Jerusalem. Climb into a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and begin the trip first to Jerusalem.Start your tour with panoramic view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. The next stop will be at Mount Zion to see King's David's Tomb, the location of the Last Supper, and Dormition Abbey.During the tour in Jerusalem's Old City you will start your visit from the Jewish Quarter. You will have the opportunity to see the Wailing Wall, Cardo, and the Roman Road. The second and most important part of our tour in Jerusalem Old City is in the Armenian Christina Quarter, where you'll walk along the Via Dolorosa and visit the Church of Holy Sepulchre.Continue on to Bethlehem. This part of the tour is subject to Palestinian authority regulations. A Palestinian guide will meet the group only after the border crossing, which may include a short unaccompanied walking portion. A change of vehicle may be required upon entering Palestinian authority territory. Passports are required.Once in Bethlehem, stop for an overview of the Shepherds Field. Visit the Church of Nativity and Manger Square. At the conclusion of the day, you'll be returned to your original pickup point.

$467 Private & Custom Tours

Tel Aviv and Jaffa Private Tour from Hertzliya

You will be picked up from your hotel at Hertzliya and start by visiting 4000 year old Jaffa, with its sites dating from the Pharaohs, through the Crusades times and until Napoleon' invasion and defeat. You will then transfer to the City of Tel-Aviv that has consumed Jaffa, yet is only 100 years old, and it is flourishing with young life and is full of hidden beauties, behind each corner. See the European and Colonial architecture, history of wars and peace, modern Western culture and Middle-Eastern life style - all that is mixed together into a tight knot and ensures an unforgettable experience. You will walk the first boulevard of this "White City", as it has been called by UNESCO, which has declared it a World Heritage Site - Rothschild Boulevard with its modern sky-scrappers, Art-Nuevo villas and world-famous pearls of German Bauhaus architecture. Finally, you will visit the famous Sarona German agricultural colony dating 1870 which has been beautifully restored and presents a unique feature at the whole of the Middle East

$17.10 Transfers & Ground Transport

Herzliya from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Arrival Private Transfer

Travel from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport to your Herzliya hotel or private address. Your transfer will be confirmed instantaneously and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver. Transfer services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Price is per person, based on 4, 7 or 11 adults per car/vehicle xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx

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