Gonbad-e Sorkh


Of several fine tomb towers scattered around town, this has the most interesting form, with a square plan topped by a pinched octagon. An upper window hole is positioned such that sunlight shines directly onto the inner doorway at the spring equinox.

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1. Gonbad-e Arqala


An attractive, domed stone building, Gonbad-e Arqala houses a fine collection of gravestones and pre-Islamic totems.

2. Gonbad-e Kabul

0.61 MILES

The lovely Gonbad-e Kabul is thought to be the tomb of Mongol ruler Hulagu Khan’s mother. It’s attractively dotted with blue-tiled inlay but let down by…

3. Gonbad-e Qaffariyeh

1.04 MILES

The squat Gonbad-e Qaffariyeh sits forlornly in a riverside garden with a tacky trio of concrete dolphins.

4. Maraqeh Observatory

1.94 MILES

Mongol ruler Hulagu Khan constructed an observatory here in the 13th century for brilliant mathematician Nasruddin Tusi (Nasir al-Tusi), who advanced…