Sumba is an undeveloped island in eastern Indonesia.  Larger than Bali but less than a quarter of the population.  It is an island rich in culture with many people living a subsistence lifestyle.  Weekuri Lake is a natural formation connected to the ocean.  It is popular with tourists and locals.

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Weekuri Lagoon

Top choice in Sumba

Almost as far west as you can get on Sumba is one of the island's most magical spots, Weekuri Lagoon. On one side, locals and tourists rent black rubber rings for 10,000Rp and float in the cool, crystal water; on the other, the Indian Ocean rages against rocks and bursts through cracks and blowholes, best viewed from the bisecting bridge. Allow at least half a day to enjoy it, a bargain at 20,000Rp per person. It's about 45km from Tambolaka.

There are more than half a dozen small, dirt roads leading off Jl Waitabula-Bondokodi that eventually get you to the aquamarine waters of this jaw-droppingly beautiful wonder. There are vendors selling cup noodles, coconuts and other snacks, but avoid purchasing bracelets illegally made from turtle shells.

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