Seblat Elephant Conservation Centre


The Seblat Elephant Conservation Centre is a conservation project set up to manage human-elephant conflict, as well as to protect the forests and wildlife. Here you can assist mahouts on elephant treks, on anything from two-day trips to 10-day jungle patrols on the lookout for wild elephants and tigers. While the centre is one of only a handful of legitimate elephant conservation centres in Indonesia, note that elephant rides present various animal-welfare issues, so you might want to reconsider taking part.

It's very much a grassroots initiative and is not designed with tourists in mind, so the camping and jungle conditions can make it rough going.

It's located near Mukomuko, en route between Bengkulu and Sungai Penuh, so it's a good stopover for those heading to Kerinci.

All bookings are through Wild Sumatra Tours. Funds generated by visitors contribute to the care of elephants in residence, the protection of wild elephants in the region, and jungle patrols to prevent poaching.