Arco Del Sexto Estado


This monumental arch that greets all visitors on the road into Xela commemorates the 1897 Quetzalteca Revolution, a short-lived uprising in the city against dictatorial rule from Guatemala City. A lion mounts the arch and beneath it an inscription to the revolution's dead reads 'the love of freedom made them heroes, the hatred of tyrants made them martyrs', reminding visitors that the city retains its independent spirit even today.

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Nearby Quetzaltenango attractions

1. Monumento a la Marimba

0.07 MILES

The Altiplano's signature instrument is given pride of place at the center of this iconic traffic circle on the east end of town.

2. Cerro el Baúl

0.62 MILES

This wooded hill is a popular weekend destination for city dwellers, for its wonderful views across Xela's broad plain and to the volcanos that fringe it…

3. Cemetery

0.62 MILES

Quetzaltenango's enormous cemetery is a pleasant and fascinating green space for a walk. To the left of the main entrance, visit the grave of the gypsy…

4. Edificio Rivera

0.82 MILES

A neoclassical structure near the northeast corner of Parque Centro América, the Edificio Rivera has been handsomely renovated (complete with fast-food…

5. Municipalidad

0.84 MILES

The Municipalidad, at the northeastern end of the park, was rebuilt after the 1902 earthquake in the grandiose neoclassical style so favored as a symbol…

6. Cathedral

0.86 MILES

The ornately carved facade of the Iglesia del Espíritu Santo marks the site of the original 1532 construction, which was pulverized by the quakes of 1853…

7. Parque Centro América

0.86 MILES

Most of Xela's sights crowd in and around the broad central plaza. It's a great place for a stroll or to sit and people-watch. It was originally two…

8. Museo de Historia Natural

0.91 MILES

The natural history museum holds a hodgepodge of Maya artifacts, vintage photos, dried leaves, old coins, marimbas, sports trophies, stuffed mammals and…