Complejo Q


Complejo Q and Complejo R, about 300m north of the Gran Plaza, are very Late Classic twin-pyramid complexes with stelae and altars standing before the temples. Complex Q is perhaps the best example of the twin-temple type, as it has been partly restored. Stelae 22 and altar 10 are excellent examples of Late Classic Tikal relief carving, dated to AD 771.

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1. Complejo R

0.04 MILES

Complejo R, about 300m north of the Gran Plaza, is a very Late Classic twin-pyramid complex with stelae and altars standing before the temples.

2. Grupo H

0.33 MILES

Grupo H, northeast of Complexes P and M, with one tall, cleared temple, had some interesting graffiti within its temples.

3. Acrópolis del Norte

0.35 MILES

The Acropolis del Norte predates the nearby temples significantly. Archaeologists have uncovered about 100 different structures, the oldest of which dates…

4. Complejo M

0.35 MILES

Complejo M, next to Complejo P, was partially torn down by the Late Classic Maya to provide building materials for a causeway, now named after Alfred P…

5. Templo I

0.36 MILES

Templo I, the Templo del Gran Jaguar (Temple of the Grand Jaguar), was built to honor – and bury – Ah Cacao. The king may have worked out the plans for…

6. Complejo P

0.36 MILES

About 1km north of the Gran Plaza is Complejo P. Like Complejo N, it's a Late Classic twin-temple complex that probably commemorated the end of a katun.

7. Acrópolis Central

0.39 MILES

South and east of the Gran Plaza, this maze of courtyards, little rooms and small temples is thought by many to have been a palace where Tikal's nobles…

8. Templo II

0.41 MILES

Templo II, also known as the Temple of the Masks, was at one time almost as high as Templo I, but it now measures only 38m without its roofcomb. It's best…