Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis


This well-curated museum shows artefacts from the Athenian colony of Amphipolis (later a Macedonian and Roman city) and its surrounding area, from 5000 BC through the city's Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Displays range from neolithic figures to twinkling gold jewellery, plus an exhibit showing pictures of the dramatic excavation of the Amphipolis Lion. Modern Amphipoli is about an hour's drive east of Thessaloniki, with the museum and ancient site prominently signposted.

Excavation of the tombs at Amphipolis has turned into something of an ancient Greek drama. In 2012 digging at the site of ancient Amphipolis (founded 437 BC) revealed an enormous 497m-long perimeter encircling a marble and limestone tomb – the biggest ever found in Greece. While hopes of discovering Alexander the Great's final resting place here have been dashed by experts, intrigue surrounds the identities of the five skeletons pieced together so far, including one of a middle-aged woman.

Funding issues have hampered work on the site and visits to the tombs are still limited. However, the museum is open year-round, and can advise on visits to the archaeological site.

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