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Divine Delphi & Ancient Trail Hike Private Day Trip

Once you reach the pine-covered foothills of Mount Parnassus, the home of poetry, literature and learning, you will visit the cave of Corikion Andron. This cave was dedicated to Apollo and his nine muses who lived there and gave artists and thinkers creative inspiration. With your experienced mountain guide you will hike down the ancient trail connecting the cave to Delphi admiring the imposing landscapes of Parnassus. You will enjoy a stop at the summer camp settlement of ‘Kroki’ where you will quench your thirst at the traditional drinking-water fountain before moving on to hike down the cobbled trail ‘Skala’, which winds around the town of Delphi offering breathtaking views to the archeological site of Delphi, the Olive grove of Amfissa and the sea. In the afternoon, you will visit the Archeological site and museum of Delphi, to enjoy a private guided tour with a state-licensed guide.

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Delphi Out of The Ordinary Full Day Tour with Lunch

The ancient past meets the present in this all-day exploration of the site of Delphi, with its unique temples and monuments, the lower slopes of Mt. Parnassos and the world of traditional crafts in the surrounding area. The oracle of Delphi is located in a place of outstanding natural beauty on the lower slopes of Mt Parnassos; before you enter the archaeological site and investigate its wonders, you’ll have a chance to find out much more about the mountain and what life is like here today. To accomplish this, you’ll take a short walking trail of magnificent views, following the exact pilgrimage route the ancient Greeks used to reach the Oracle. Along the way you will also learn about the area and its plants and animals from your guide.   From there, you’ll travel to Amfissa for a visit to the last bell-maker in Greece. In his small workshop, he’ll show you what goes into creating the  bells that the local villagers use for their livestock. You’ll also see an old town district, largely abandoned today, which used to be the leather tanner’s area. Here, in a space that’s strongly evocative of the past, you’ll see what a tanner’s working life was like a century ago (and still is!), and you’ll hear a wonderful ghost story as well. After that, it’s time for lunch, all in the form of delicacies from the area, which you’ll enjoy under the large plane tree of the town square – you’ll taste local cheeses and the famous Amfissa olives before tucking into a traditional regional specialty as a main course. When lunch is finished and you’ve had a last walk around the square, it’s back to Delphi, the ancient oracle of the Gods. There you’ll see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the reconstructed Athenian Treasury, the Theater and the ancient Stadium high above all the rest. You’ll want to take your time, not only because the site is built into the side of a mountain, but also because there’s just so much to see here, and the setting itself is magical; a place of great spiritual power hugging the side of a towering mountain, and below it, a river of olive trees running down to the Gulf of Corinth. It’s no wonder at all that even ancient noblemen were cowed by the splendor of this earthly connection to the divine.  When you’ve seen all there is to see outside, it’s time for the museum, a short walk downhill from the site. Here, be sure to see the bronze Charioteer of Delphi (it’s said his profile is completely different, depending on which side of his face you choose to look at), the haunting Sphinx of Naxos and what might be the very first ever recorded notation of a melody, contained in an ancient inscription from the walls of the original Athenian Treasury.