Batéké Plateaux National Park


Vast swathes of savannah cover 2050 sq km and reach heights of 860m. The land is almost desertlike and erosion has caused canyons to form (known as cirques). It's all a twitcher's delight with the rare Angola batis, black-collared bulbul and Finsch's francolin. Some birds exist nowhere else, such as the Congo moor-chat. Elephants, western lowland gorillas and forest buffaloes roam and there are brightly coloured butterflies, beetles and spiders.

Permits for the park are available from the Conservation Officer in Franceville who will also advise on guides. You will find him at the Hotel de Ville (City Hall).

There is nowhere to stay inside the park, but there are places in Léconi. It's possible to camp overnight if you have your own equipment.

There are infrequent taxis-brousses to Léconi from Franceville, but a 4WD is necessary to get to the cirque.