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Beyond these urban attractions, Mâcon's main appeal lies in the surrounding countryside. If you're after top-quality Mâconnais wines, head to the nearby villages of Fuissé, Vinzelles and Pouilly, which produce the area's best whites. For a bird's eye perspective on the entire region, don't miss the easy climb to the summit of Roche de Solutré, 10km west of town.

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$159.84 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Private panoramic helicopter tour of Macon - Southern Burgundy

Let's take you around the spectacular city of Mâcon, along the river Saône, across the Saint Laurent bridge and Varennes. We will fly above Charnay, Sancé, Saint Laurent, Mâcon la Saône and Varennes. The pilot will be happy to give explanations about the helicopter, the city and landscape.Approximate flight time : 10 minutes. The Helicopter Robinson R44 has an enclosed cabin, with two rows of side by side seating for a pilot and maximum 3 passengers, each with a panoramic window view.Several timeslots throughout the day to fit your schedule. Please check-in 15 minutes before your departure time with your ID.

$335.67 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Private panoramic helicopter tour of the wine route in Southern Burgundy and the Beaujolais

A value packed flight with much to see. Take off from Mâcon aerodrome and fly between the vineyards of Pouilly and Fuissé. Passing over the famous Roche de Solutré, travel towards the world famous areas of the Grands Crus of Beaujolais. Your flight will take you over St Verand, St Amour, Julienas, Chenas and others. See the fabulous Moulin à Vent, The Madone of Fleurie, catch a glimpse of the elephants in Romanèche-Thorins and marvel at the sparkling Saône River on the way back to Mâcon.The pilot will be happy to give explanations about the helicopter, the different villages and the landscape.Approximate flight time: 20 minutes.The Helicopter Robinson R44 has an enclosed cabin, with two rows of side by side seating for a pilot and maximum 3 passengers, each with a panoramic window view.

$501.22 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Macon, Burgundy Castles: 30-Minute Private Helicopter Tour

Take off from Charnay-les-Mâcon and head straight for the magnificent Roche de Solutré passing over the vinyards of Pouilly and Fuissé. Follow an exquisite trail of impressive Châteaux and Manoirs of Southern Burgundy. Le Château de Pierreclos, Berzé le Châtel, the médieval city of Cluny, Le Château de Cormatin, the ruins of Brancion are just a few examples of what you will see from a birds eye view.The pilot will be happy to give explanations about the helicopter, the different villages, châteaux and the landscape.The Helicopter Robinson R44 has an enclosed cabin, with two rows of side by side seating for a pilot and maximum 3 passengers, each with a panoramic window view.

$41.10 Tours & Sightseeing

Mobile Wifi Everywhere in Macon

Rent your personal 4G mobile hotspot, and enjoy internet where and when you want in Macon, share your memories instantly with your friends and family. Save on incredibly high data roaming coasts. You are unlimited. Absolutely unlimited data and you can share the connection with 10 WiFi enabled devices, simultaneously. Feel free to share it with your friends or family.The connection is ultra-fast if you are covered with 4G. If 4G is not available in your area, then you will be connected to the 3G+ or 3G network. You will receive your hotspot in a protective cover directly at your hotel or any place in Macon city centre.Just turn on the personal hotspot, on your WiFi enabled device (Smartphone, tablet, laptop or other), choose the hotspot's network name and you're connected. At the end of your rental, you just have to drop your package in any mailbox you can see! Ready to enjoy your stay in France!

$10.85 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Skip the Line: Cluny Abbey Ticket in Burgundy

Make your own way to the Cluny Abbey in Burgundy and use your pre-paid ticket to skip the line and enjoy priority access. Once inside, set out on a self-guided tour and spend as long as you like exploring the magnificent castle. By the end of the 11th century, Cluny Abbey was one of the most important capitals in Christian Europe. It was at the head of a network of nearly 1,400 dependencies and around 10,000 monks all over Europe. In 1088, work began on the "Maior Ecclesia", the largest Romanesque church ever built, with vaulted arches 30 metres high. A century later, the narthex was constructed. The Abbey of Cluny, the 'Maior Ecclesia' or Cluny III, was therefore the largest church in Christendom for nearly 400 years. Towards 1750, the monastic buildings were rebuilt and the Abbey was given a vast complex in a classical style. The monks hardly had time to occupy the new premises as the Revolution began shortly after the works were completed. The monks were then expelled and dispersed into the surrounding parishes and the buildings were seized as national assets and put up for sale. Today, the parts that remain, such as the Southern arm of the large transept or the small Southern transept, offer an idea of the immensity of this building. A number of other elements survive: the enclosure wall and its towers, the monastic buildings from the 18th century, and the Farinier, a 13th century building which now houses the sculpted capitals from the choir of the "Maior Ecclesia". The on-site Museum of Art and Archaeology also displays a number of sculpted remains from the church and the monastic district.

$131.30 Day Trips & Excursions

Macon & Beaujolais Wine Tour - Full Day - From Lyon in small group tours

PROGRAMMorning : Macon Crus Wines - Chardonnay Grape Wine-tasting at Pouilly Fuissé At 9:00 am, your 8-seater minibus leaves Place Bellecour in Lyon to Macon Region, land of the world famous Chardonnay grape.Travel on the famous Macon Route des Vins and discover a beautiful wine country. Cross Pierreclos and Vergisson towns before "hitting" one of nature's masterpieces, Solutré Roch (493 m), a symbol of Southern Burgundy. Stop to take pictures of this "Sphinx" which dominates Mâcon vineyards also listed as a major Palaeolithic site in France.At 10:45 am, experience a warm welcome at a Macon family Estate in Fuissé town. With the winemaker, visit the winery and learn about the wine-making process and barrel-aging of Chardonnays.Then, enter the wine-tasting room sample a selection of Macon white wines among themselves, the famous Pouilly-Fuissé cru. Feel all the finesse & freshness of these perfectly balanced chardonnays with a slight oaky finish.Lunch in Juliénas or Fleurie townsDelight yourself with a delicious meal in a local restaurant which serves Beaujolais cuisine. Our guide will be happy to translate and explain all the different courses for you! Menus start from € 20, lunch not included.Afternoon : Visit of Beaujolais Crus Region Wine-tasting at a small family wineryStart the afternoon with a breathtaking panaroma of the Beaujolais wine region from La Madone Chapel in Fleurie. With your guide learn about the geography of the 10 crus of Beaujolais, their unique soils and climate characteristics. Follow the journey driving on the magnificent Beaujolais Crus wine road from North to South and discover charming little towns: Chenas, Villié Morgon, Chiroubles, etc. Then, visit at second family winery, meet a passionate wine-maker, learn everything about the gamay grape and its unique wine making-process called semi-carbonic maceration which gives a special fruitiness to the wines. Finally, go to the caveau (wine-tasting room) to enjoy several Beaujolais red wines. Delight yourself with these beautiful "crus" as you share a unique moment of friendship.All in a day, white & red wines!