Musée Franco-Américain

Lille, Flanders & the Somme

Inside the 1612-built Château de Blérancourt, 33km northeast of Compiègne, the French–American museum reopened in 2017 after a decade of archaeological excavations and renovations. The two countries' relationship over the centuries is chronicled through art, historical exhibits and the Jardins du Nouveau Monde, which is planted with flowers, shrubs and trees native to the Americas, including Virginia magnolia, maple, oak and sweetgum trees, chosen for their autumn foliage.

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1. Clairière de l'Armistice

12.79 MILES

The armistice that put an end to WWI was signed in a thick forest 6.5km east of Compiègne, inside the railway carriage of the Allied supreme commander. On…

2. Palais de Compiègne

16.11 MILES

This 1337-room palace, originally built for Louis XV, hosted Napoléon III's dazzling hunting parties, which drew aristocrats from all around Europe. A…

4. Cathédrale Notre Dame

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A model for several of its more famous Gothic sisters – Chartres, Reims, Dijon and Paris' Notre-Dame among them – this medieval jewel was built between…