Nólsoy Island


On Nólsoy Island, carless Nólsoy village isn't especially picturesque but makes a strikingly peaceful contrast to bustling Tórshavn, whose Tinganes peninsula looks especially picturesque as you pass by on the ferry Ritan , 20 minutes, three to five daily). The village celebrates a big Ovastevnu festival in mid-August.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Tórshavn attractions

1. Storm Petrel Colony

3.04 MILES

Around an hour's walk from Nólsoy village, a storm petrel colony is claimed to be the world's biggest. They're best observed at dusk. Guided bird tours…

2. Skansin Fort

4.14 MILES

Beyond the desert of asphalt that surrounds the modern transport terminal lie the turf-softened bastions of the ruined Skansin Fort. It's topped by a…

3. Tinganes

4.34 MILES

The city's tiny but charming historical core is Tinganes, a little peninsula delightfully jumbled with pretty turf-roofed cottages and historic red…

4. Havnarkirkja

4.45 MILES

The church Havnarkirkja has a distinctive clock tower that peeps above a photogenic row of colourful row of old wharf buildings (Undir Bryggjubakka).

5. Focus Gallery

4.53 MILES

Intimate private galleries, including Focus, are great places to peruse and potentially purchase Faroese art.

6. Glarsmiðjan

4.59 MILES

Glarsmiðjan is a private gallery good for perusing and purchasing Faroese art.

7. Lydersen

4.59 MILES

Lydersen is a private gallery where you can admire (and potentially purchase) Faroese art.

8. Náttúrugripasavn

4.62 MILES

The child-friendly Náttúrugripasavn has an informative geological section, a minuscule botanical garden and a gigantic whale's skull.