Sor River Waterfalls

Western Ethiopia

A worthwhile excursion from Metu is to the 20m-high Sor River Waterfalls, one of the most beautiful falls in Ethiopia. It lies close to the village of Bechu, 13km southeast of Metu. The last 15 minutes of the one-hour walk (5km) from Bechu takes you through dense forest teeming with birds and monkeys. At the falls, Sor River suddenly drops 20m over the lip of a wide chasm into a fern-lined amphitheatre. You can take a dip in the pool below.

A daily minibus leaves Metu for Bechu (Birr19, one hour) around 7am. It returns as soon as it’s full, which means you may have to walk back to Metu or battle a night of fleas in Bechu. To find the falls, enlist the help of a Bechu villager (tip expected) or ask one of the children who invariably tag along. With a 4WD you could make the return trip from Metu in less than four hours.