Mago National Park

Southern Ethiopia

Although by Ethiopian standards wildlife is fairly abundant in this dramatically beautiful 2162-sq-km park, there’s no chance of an East African-safari-style experience. Poaching remains a problem and the thick acacia woodland dominating the plains makes seeing what wildlife remains quite tough. Mammals you can expect to spot are dik-diks, baboons and guinea fowl. If you're lucky, you may also see Burchell’s zebras, lesser kudus, defassa waterbucks, gerenuks and black-and-white colobus.

In practice, most travellers visit the park on their way to the Mursi villages (the park's main highlight), which lie along the Mago River. If you make arrangements with your guide the day before you can leave Jinka very early and spend several hours in the park before visiting the Mursi.

The ranger station at the entrance to the park is usually closed in the morning, but it’s routine to pay when leaving.

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