Portuguese Cathedral

Northern Ethiopia

Near Susenyos’ palace is the Portuguese Cathedral he funded. The decrepit state (due largely to a 1995 earthquake) evokes his failed attempt to force Catholicism on his people. The Spanish government has funded some restoration and research. Except in the rainy season, you can drive close to it or walk (three to four hours each way) the whole way from town. The road begins 7.4km north of Gorgora in Abrecha village, the one with the tourism sign at the junction.

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1. Susenyos’ Old Palace

3.57 MILES

Emperor Susenyos (r 1607–32) built his palace, known by locals as Susenyos Ghimb, on a peninsula (called Old Gorgora) 10km west of town. It can be reached…

2. Galila

5.05 MILES

The oldest monastery, Galila, is a one-hour boat journey southwest of Gorgora. Although destroyed by invading armies in the 16th century, the church was…

3. Mussolini’s Stele

5.53 MILES

Gorgora was a hard-fought prize during the Italian occupation and on the way into town you’ll pass Mussolini’s stele, high on a hill, which commemorates…

4. Mandaba Medhane Alem

6.28 MILES

Of Tana’s four far-northern monasteries, all west of Gorgora, Mandaba Medhane Alem, which hosts ancient biblical manuscripts and some of Ethiopia’s most…

5. Church of Debre Sina

7.39 MILES

The most interesting relic of Gorgora’s former days as a short-lived capital is the attractive Debre Sina church. Built in 1608 by Emperor Susenyos’ son…

6. Birgida Maryam

8.08 MILES

The most rewarding of the monasteries is known for its jungle and dedicated monks. The building itself is fairly standard, but the highlight is a lovely…

7. Angara Tekla Haimanot

8.24 MILES

If you’re a serious monastery lover, or just want to stretch your legs on the way to and from the palace, Angara Tekla Haimanot's current church was built…

8. Narga Selassie

23.56 MILES

Set in the middle of the lake on Dek Island, Narga Selassie is peaceful, atmospheric and little visited. Built in the mid-18th century, it has a Gonderian…