Italian Fort

Western Ethiopia

The Italians lorded it over Gambela for five years from 1936, long enough to build a fort; remnants of the fortifications can still be seen from the outside.

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1. Medhane Alem Church

0.12 MILES

An important landmark for the town's Orthodox Christian community, although it's a fairly standard modern Ethiopian church.

2. Old Steamship

0.43 MILES

One of the old steamboats that once plied the Baro River.

3. New Land (Nuer Villages)

0.48 MILES

The Nuer villages on the outskirts of Gambela, known collectively as New Land, are the easiest to get to, and can give a wonderful insight into the lives…

4. Anuak Market

0.52 MILES

In Gambela's north is the Anuak market. Vendors sit in the shade of the trees selling cereals, firewood, large Nile perch and tobacco. To pass the time,…