Red Sea Coast

Sikait, about 80km south-west of Marsa Alam, is thought to have been the main settlement for the workers in the Roman emerald mines. It's about 80km south-west of Marsa Alam. The remains of a small Temple of Isis still stand here while the remnants of other buildings lie strewn across the hillside. Nugrus and the smaller ruins of Geili and Appalonia (both trading points) are nearby.

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1. Tomb of Sayyed Al Shadhili

14.18 MILES

The Eastern Desert is scattered with numerous Islamic tombs and shrines. One of the best known is that of Sayyed Al Shadhili, a Moroccan holy man and Sufi…

2. Nugrus

26.12 MILES

The ruins of the actual emerald mines for which the region was once famed can be seen on the slopes of Nugrus, where the ground is littered with pottery…