Casa Natal de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

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Birthplace of the 'father of the motherland,' this museum is where Céspedes was born (on April 18, 1819) and spent his first 12 years. Inside, Céspedes memorabilia is complemented by a collection of spectacularly preserved period furniture. It's notable architecturally as Bayamo's only remaining two-story colonial house, one of the few buildings to survive the 1869 fire.

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1. Museo Provincial

Directly next door to Céspedes' ex-home, this provincial museum completes Bayamo's historical trajectory with a yellowing city document dating from 1567…

2. Ayuntamiento

0.05 MILES

In 1868 Céspedes proclaimed Cuba's independence for the first time in front of the columned Ayuntamiento.

3. Parque Céspedes

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One of Cuba's leafiest squares, Bayamo's central meeting point is surrounded by pedestrian-only streets, making it a rare and peaceful spot. In addition…

4. Catedral de San Salvador de Bayamo

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There's been a church on this site since 1514. The current edifice dates from 1740 but was devastated in the 1869 fire, so much of what you see results…

5. Capilla de la Dolorosa

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This is the one original section of Bayamo's main church to survive the 1869 fire. It sports a gilded wooden altar.

6. Paseo Bayamés

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Bayamo's main shopping street was pedestrianized in the 1990s and reconfigured with benches and funky artwork. At its southern end you'll find wax museum…

7. Ventana de Luz Vázquez

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A forerunner of the national anthem, cowritten by Céspedes (and, confusingly, also called 'La Bayamesa') was first sung from here on March 27, 1851. A…

8. Casa de Estrada Palma

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Cuba's first post-independence president, Tomás Estrada Palma, was born here in 1835. One-time friend of José Martí, Estrada Palma was disgraced post…