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Island of Korcula with Wine Tasting Day Trip from Dubrovnik

The island of Korcula undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. Here, there are more legends, tales and monuments than anywhere else. Being stonemasons, shipbuilders and seafarers, the people of Korcula shared their gifts with the world, but they saved their best works for their own city.A bus will carry you to Orebic, where a ferry takes you to the island. Experience the charming streets, beautiful churches and magnificent palaces in the island’s city of the same name, which is also one of the best preserved medieval towns in the Mediterranean. You’ll also hear a little history of the town’s famous son, Marco Polo, who many believe was born here. After sightseeing, enjoy free time to have lunch and even go swimming.On the way back to Dubrovnik, indulge in excellent local wine at one well-known wine cellar on the Peljesac peninsula.

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Peljesac Peninsula Private Wine Tour from Dubrovnik

Your one-day tour of Croatia's finest wine region will begin from Dubrovnik, or anywhere in the area where you prefer to be collected. From there, it is just one hour's drive to the Peljesac peninsula, which is known for its excellent vineyards. Your tour will stop at two different wineries, and there will be wine tastings at each one.You will meet the winemakers and learn the methods they use to produce the wine. Along the way, the tour will also stop for a couple of hours in the historic town of Ston, which is famous for salt production, oysters and wine. Of course, you will have an opportunity to taste them all!

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Classic Tour with Wine Tastings from Dubrovnik

We will start by driving to the Peljesac peninsula, circa 1h drive from Dubrovnik. The first stop is a small, family-owned oyster farm where you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best oysters in the world! Also, our first wine tasting will be there with an introduction to wine tasting by WSET with basic food and wine matching principles (to get you fully prepared for more wines and food). Next, you will see the medieval historic town of Ston, famous for the second longest protective wall in the world (after Chinese Wall) and oldest salt factory of that kind in the world! After that, you will visit 3 great wineries, meet very interesting winemakers who are making world class wines and have master class tastings with some of them. You will also taste some local olive oils of great quality too and see some spectacular scenery during the day.During the day you will learn how wine is made, different styles of wine produced today, factors which influence quality and prices of wines, sparkling wines and champagne style wines and lot more.Later in the afternoon you will be treated with a three-course lunch(not included in price-additional 30 e cost) in a superb family run restaurant (of course with wine). You will visit Dingac vineyard, the best vineyard in all of Croatia and can be known as one of the most spectacular vineyards in the world!

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Korcula Private Tour from Dubrovnik

The tour includes hotel or other accommodation pick up at arranged time. Driving up the coast, scenery drive along the Elaphite islands. Arriving to Peljesac peninsula, optional stop at Ston city, with the second longest city walls in the world and the oldest salt factory in Europe. Continuing the drive along the Peljesac peninsula with a possibility to stop at some of the most famous Croatian wineries for wine tasting. Arriving to Orebic to catch a boat to the old city of Korcula, 10 min drive. Arriving to the old city of Korcula, sightseeing, free time, optional lunch... After Korcula starting the way back to Dubrovnik, again through Peljesac peninsula, optional stopping in Ston for oysters and other sea food, grown right there. This tour is totaly private and can be adjusted to every of your wish and need.

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Private Wine Tasting Tour from Makarska Riviera to Peljesac Peninsula

Start your trip from Makarska and experience Croatia with all your senses. Travel through the beautiful and rich Croatian coast, and let your eyes extend to impressive islands and little towns full of charm. On your way, first what you can see is island of Hvar known for endless fragrant lavender fields from which the products are first-rate lavender oil which considered the best in the world are the trademarks of this island. You will also see Baćina lakes. They are named after the inland town of Baćina close to the port city of Ploče. The lakes are part of a picturesque landscape and surrounded by mountains. It is a crypto-depression lake, with its bottom below the surface of the sea. Consist of six and joined and one separate lake.One of the most important rivers in Croatia is on your way to the peninsula Peljesac, and that is the Neretva. Neretva delta is very fertile and is known for its farms tangerines, and other citrus fruits and melons, tomatoes, grapes and many other agricultural products. The Neretva River together with four other areas in the Mediterranean, has the largest number of threatened freshwater fish species. Continuing your journey to Peljesac peninsula you will pass through the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina which divides Croatia into seemingly two parts. Shortly after border we come to the entrance of the peninsula Peljesac, which is the longest Dalmatian peninsula, very indented, mostly forested, with a coast full of beaches, reefs, bays and fjords. Stone is a town on the peninsula and the famous salt factory which is the oldest in Europe and possibly in the world. From there you will see the famous Ston Walls.Then, it's lunch time and you can taste all the charm of Dalmatian cuisine. Peninsula Peljesac is famous for vineyards and the excellent sorts of wine, "Dingac", "Postup" and “Plavac Mali” today known throughout the world. Let your taste buds to be spoiled with most delicious wines from 3 wineries.

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Private Tour of Korcula: The Town of Marco Polo - from Dubrovnik

One of the most romantic island cities in Croatia, Korcula island is one of the top destinations for tourists that cruise the Adriatic. According to legend, it was founded by the Trojan hero Antenor, and was home to the Mesolithic and Neolithic peoples who first settled on this island. Most famously known to be the birth place of traveler Marco Polo in 1254, Korcula is now the second most populous island on the Adriatic, filled with historical and cultural heritage.Ston is the first stop after departing from Dubrovnik. With well preserved city walls which once protected the town during the medieval times, Ston is a charming town with rich history. An optional visit to the ancient salt-works before continuing on the Peljesac peninsula will allow for an interesting stop on the tour.Although your driver will not be accompanying you beyond the vehicle, he will act as a guide during the driving portion of your tour, and will be waiting until you are finished exploring at the destination. Opt for the ˝with guide˝ option for an English-speaking guide which will accompany you for a tour at the destination and provide you with detailed information about the history, and answer all of your questions.  All guides are local, and licensed English-speaking professionals. Please contact us for availability in other languages.Enjoy the beautiful green scenery, vineyards and blue bays along the way before arriving to Orebic to embark on a boat ride to the magnificent island of Korcula. Once in town, visit the cathedral, city museum, and the house of Marco Polo. Followed is free time to walk through the Old Town and its abundant souvenir shops, and have lunch at a tavern of your choice serving many delicious Dalmatian specialities. After saying good-bye to this marvelous island, there is one last stop to be made on our return, as the Peljesac peninsula is known as one of the most famous Croatian wine regions. Enjoying in an extraordinary wine tasting is a delightful ending to the journey as we continue back to Dubrovnik.

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